around the house

The Saturday visitor

The boy left for the office early Saturday morning. He had a presentation he needed to prepare. I took my time to wake up but couldn’t sleep past 10am. Raah. I used to be able to sleep past noon but I guess those days are over. Maybe it’s true that older people need less sleep. Tee hee hee.

Made my way blearily into the living room and with a start, discovered that we have an early morning visitor hanging out at our balcony.

It was pretty large, about 7cm in length. I was too chicken to walk out onto the balcony to snap a picture so I did the next best thing – I took a picture from inside the house, after making sure that the doors were shut properly and it had no way of attacking me entering the house.

As I was safely behind the glass, I peered really closely at the patterns on its body. I’ve never looked at a grasshopper this closely before and was amazed at its intricacy.

I observed it for a while and it started to do this sideway walk. When it got to the edge of the door, it did a downwards walk. I think it was trying to get off the glass. Ha.

I still cannot believe how HUGE it is!


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