National Art Gallery, Singapore

Photo from The National Art Gallery

My colleague shared that the National Art Gallery is looking for volunteer guides for their Open House happening on 9 and 10 October. In March this year, I had the opportunity to visit it as part of a school site visit organised by another colleague. For the purpose of this entry, I shall acronym it as NAG (hehe).

The NAG will be taking over City Hall and the old Supreme Court (which I prefer over the current spaceship monstrosity) and turning it into a – what else – art gallery. I guess the place holds special memories for me because that was where we took some of our pre-wedding photos.


The NAG is slated to open in 2013 but they will be conducting an Open House in October. As I’ve mentioned above, I was there in March this year and it was an enriching and lovely visit.

We even got to visit the actual courtrooms where murderers and robbers were tried. Check out the size of the padlock.


And this is where the accused will sit…

..while the judges decide your fate.

It was an enriching visit because I’ved passed the buildings a million times but never got to see what’s inside it.  We even got the rare chance to go inside the dome.

Here’s the view from outside the dome:

Heck, we even got to visit the personal bathroom of the chief Judge! Can you beat that? And for the record, it looks just like any other bathroom except that it was rather spacious. Heh.

Anyway, if you’re interested to see its development, go sign up as a volunteer guide (need to write 100-word “essay hor) or check out its Open House in October.


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