Last night, I was at Jay Chou’s ‘The Era 2010 World Tour’ concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. To be honest, I wasn’t particularly keen to go as I have gone off him (I was a HUGE fan many years ago). However, Miss L asked if I wanted to go so I agreed. I wasn’t particularly keen on paying top price for it so we bought the $101 tickets, i.e. one of the cheapest. Heh.

While waiting for Miss L and her friend, I sat observing the long queue of fans standing in line to purchase Jay-related merchandise. Sigh. Fans will buy  anything in name of Jay Chou.

Based on past experience with concerts, it usually wouldn’t start till at least 8.30pm. Heh. This was the scene at 8.15pm:

Yes, it was a sold-out concert 🙂

Soon after, the lights dimmed and everyone screamed. Ok, I didn’t but most of the other nubile young fans did. Interestingly, right across the stage was a GIANT led-light board with the song lyrics. Heh. I guess if you’re Jay Chou, you can request for anything!

Besides, he is known for forgetting his lyrics and amazingly, at this concert, he remembered all his lyrics! No prizes for guessing why.

I didn’t take many photos because we were seated too far away and our camera’s zoom function wasn’t the best. Also, there was far too many fancy-smanzy effects that would have looked better if we were facing the stage. We were seated at the left so unless we looked at the big screen flanking the sides of the stage, the effects would be lost on us.

I’ve decided to circle him out because he’s so tiny, you might miss him.

Mr Chou singing to the adoring crowd.

At some point during the concert, he went offstage to shake touch the hands of his adoring fans who, of course, screamed and went wild with delight. And he did it TWICE!

The stage effects were rather spectacular…

It looked almost like a rock concert eh? There were (intense) smoke effects, fireworks, etc.

Very drama-mama.

If I had to choose a favourite bit of the concert, it’s definitely the ones where it was just him on the piano, singing. Gorgeous tinkering fingers dancing across the keyboard accompanied by him singing.

Photo from Ms Blemon

Awesome. Just ignore the gravity-defying fringe and strange leopard-print jacket, please.

He also sang some of my favorite songs from his repertoire, i.e. 我不配, 可爱女人, 龙卷风 and 阳光宅男. Ok, I’d admit to screaming like a fan girl in happiness when he sang these songs. Lalalalala. He also did a duet with his junior Cindy Yen (袁詠琳) for one of his older hits, 黑色幽默. She was on the piano. That was really nice too.

Jay Chou trivia: Did you know that 可爱女人 was the very first hit that propelled him to fame? It has, till today, remained one of my favourite songs.

Check out how young and unpolished  he looks in the video. And yes, his co-star was Vivian Hsu.

Anyway, yes, the concert.

For some strange reason, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I thought that watching him live in concert would ignite the immense love I had for him his music. However, I walked out of the Indoor Stadium feeling like I’ve just watched a very slick, over-produced concert/performance. I like the atmosphere at live concerts but I like them with more “heart” and “soul”.

A million years ago, I watched Roxette live in concert (I know, ROXETTE?!?!?) and till today, I still remember the bit where they played “It Must Have Been Love” on the piano.

No fancy lights, no smoke, no fancy hairstyle.
Just them, the piano and nothing else.

And it was goosebumps-inducing. 

I did not NOT enjoy the concert. It just felt like a fast food meal with not much nutritional value. (wow, did I just come up with that?!) Perhaps the visual effects wow-ed his younger fans and “new” fans but personally, I would have preferred if he toned down on the dramamama-ness, the fancy and sometimes, rather strange costumes, and just sang his heart out for his fans.

During one part of the concert, there was a flashback to his 10 years in showbusiness. Scenes of his younger days, his older music videos, his earlier projects, etc were shown.

And that, to me, is the Jay Chou that I remember best.

Then again, to keep re-inventing oneself is a must-have chinese music in the business. To keep the (younger and fickle) fans happy. To always outdo your last concert.

The question is: When will it stop?

Sometimes, going back to the basics is, really, the best.


周先生: 回到过去.



2 thoughts on “周董你好!

  1. great post! And I luv 可爱女人 too. The MV brings back so many memories..gosh has 10 years really flown by? wow….

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