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The arrival

…of my MacBook!

After waiting impatiently for it, a brown box finally arrived after about a week.

I knew immediately what was contained within. *excited*

Gingerly, I opened the box and found yet another box:

Is it me or is Apple really good with marketing their products? If you look at the box above, it’s really simple – the name of the product, a picture of it and a short description of it.

But it was enough to bring on heart palpitations….

The new MacBook in its all-white gorgeousness. I love white laptops. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Setting it up…

Love the individual keys!

But I have to confess: Switching to Mac did not come without difficulty. I had problems trying to figuring out how to double-click links, using the right-click button, etc. Thankfully, the sister has a MacBook as well so as I was setting it up, I was texting her “Help! How do you….(fill in instruction)??” furiously.


The very next day, I went out and purchased the magic mouse:

There’s not my hand – this picture is off the internet.

Cost me $98! Sheesh!!

But it is soooooooo cool! No buttons, etc. Just glide your finger across and voila! The downside is, the BGF’s hubby told me that the battery dies off really quickly. Urgh. So far so good so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Also purchased the keyboard cover because I am very clumsy and might spill crap over it want to protect the keyboard.

I’m still struggling with it slightly and there’s loads to learn but I’m sure I’d get there someday! I now just need Photoshop (or some other form of simple photo-editing software) that I can use to jazz up photos on this blog. I know iPhoto exists but it doesn’t even allow me to add text to a picture?! Pffft.

But for now, it’s sitting very prettily in the living room, completely matching all our existing furniture. Ahhhh…..*bliss*


6 thoughts on “The arrival

  1. Welcome to the Mac user club. V^.<

    There is no turning back now, and you will not go back to regular pc, for…ever. (yeah, just dramatic expression)

    If you teach, consider getting some great software with much savings for teacher/student edition.

    MacOffice, Creative Suite etc, did I mention GREAT savings?

  2. OMG Ms ene I recently switched to a Mac Book too! Did you purchase it under the Edu-offer? I got a free i-touch along with it! SHIOK TTM.

  3. Rachel – I just purchased Creative Suite with Photoshop and a whole host of stuff! I’d get the boy to teach me how to use it. Heh. I downloaded the trial version of Keynote but have no idea how to use it. Doh.

    serene – You should! Make sure you have white furniture to match it. Hee.

    Lis – Yep! I bought the Creative Suite package using the educator’s discount. Only $119! Woots!

    Jie Hui – Yep! I got it online using the educator’s discount too and yes, I got the iPod Touch as well. Gave it to my mum because she likes to play my iphone games but doesn’t want to use it as a phone so it’s perfect!

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