Voyage de la Vie

Voyage de la Vie = The Journey of Life

Yesterday afternoon, I made my way to Resorts World Singapore. It was my first time to the ‘integrated resort’ and I wasn’t too impressed. The carpark was HUGE and I must have walked about 2km to get from the carpark to the main building. Pfffft.

Anyway, I was there because I was going to watch ‘Voyage De La Vie’ with the sister at Festive Grand. Woots!

We had tickets for the 5.30pm show and as I waited for the sister to arrive, I took the opportunity to take a quick walk around the place. I noted that the BreadTalk outlet just beside Festive Grand was doing roaring business – long queues and crowds everywhere! Wow. I reckon that’s because it’s the only place one can get a drink or a quick snack in the area…

Soon after, the sister arrived and we made our way inside the hall.

I bought the tickets quite a while back so I managed to get pretty good seats. They were in the second row – yes, you read that right – SECOND row, so this means that all the performers were right. up. close. in front of us. In fact, during a couple of acts, we were a bit concerned that the performer might slip and fall on us. Heh.

If you intend to watch the show, do turn up slightly earlier. We spotted Jonathan Leong (“the boy”) on stage and the sister was wondering why they were still rehearsing when the audience was already seated. We then realised that it’s all part of the pre-show.


Anyway, I have to confess that the whole point of watching Voyage was because of Jonathan Leong. Faithful readers of my old blog will know that I was following the season of Singapore Idol where Hady Mirza was crowned the winner while Jon was the runner-up and I was a fan-girl. So, when news broke that he was going to be the lead in Voyage, I excitedly asked the sister if she wanted to watch it because it’d be nice to hear him sing live.

So yes, the show. I have to admit that I went in with no expectations and was pleasantly surprised. The acts were pretty good and my favourite was the Game Master:

This boy is an AMAZING contortionist! When he appeared, I couldn’t keep my jaws closed. I’m not sure if he has bones inside that little body. He was bending in all sorts of angles!! Did a quick google search and found out more about him. He is from Russia and his name is Alexey Goloborodko. He’s only 15 years old and have been described as the ‘most flexible human on the planet’. And I can vouch that he probably is!

I won’t go into details on what the show is about (google it!) and to be honest, you don’t really need to ‘follow’ the story to enjoy the performances. I guess you can compare it to Cirque de Soleil but yet it’s not quite. The sister and I agree that the best bits were Jon’s song performances. He did an awesome job singing the 3 songs (I think?) *melts*. Pity there isn’t a soundtrack but hopefully, there’d be one out very soon! I had the finale song “Voyage de la Vie – Finale” playing in my head long after the show ended…

Word of caution: Do not sit too close (like us!) because you’d need to be slightly away from the stage to view the show in its entirety. About 10 seats back would be quite good, I reckon. If you’re upfront (like us), you’d have to tilt your head upwards for many of the aerial performances and that will cause a neckache. Of course, there was also the danger of the performers dropping on you if they fell. Unless of course, you want to be right up front so that you can spot every pore on the performer’s face or every muscle stretch on their super taut, 0%-fat bodies…

Oh oh and towards the end of the performance, the sister received a stalk of rose from Jon. Awwwww.

They met previously and he managed to spot her in the audience. Guess it wasn’t that hard considering we were in the SECOND ROW and sitting RIGHT IN THE CENTRE of the stage where he was standing for the curtain call! 😉 Told her to wear the rose in her hair but she refused to. Tsk tsk.

Anyway, the show is running till September so go watch it!

And this was the ONLY photo of the stage – or rather, the curtain – that we dared to take after the lights came on after the show. We are good like that.


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