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Workspace improvement

Amidst the frantic marking, I decided that it was time to update my workspace and clean up my desk. I tend to be inflicted with this need to do anything else but what I’m supposed to do, i.e. complete marking all the assignments, tests, etc by TOMORROW. I believe, in one word, it’s called PROCASTINATION.

So anyway, at lunch time, I ran off to a nearby shopping centre and bought myself some “office improvement” items. We are all issued with laptops and this means we are usually hunched over the machine, typing away furiously. This is very bad for the shoulders and posture (interesting article here). Yes, that’s what I said to convince myself. Besides, at my previous workplace, I used to work on a laptop as well but I had my own keyboard and raised the laptop on….2 reams of A4 paper. Very glamourous, I know.

Bought myself a laptop riser (yes, that’s exactly what it’s called) and a wireless keyboard + mouse from Logitech. Took the chance to rearrange the fengshui of my workspace for better qi as well.

After mucking about, my “new” workspace is ready.


It’s so neat, I LOVE IT! And yes, the 2 stack of papers you see at the side are stuff that needs to be marked pronto. There’s another STACK in a box you do not see that is lying on the floor.


But at least I have a nice “new” workspace! Yeay!


One thought on “Workspace improvement

  1. shouldn’t your workplace provide the laptop riser for employees? i thought it should be part of the occupational health and safety?
    anyways your new workspace is kicking ass, look great! well done you 🙂
    I’m using logitech wireless kb and mouse too and it’s been super. free from cable wires everywhere!

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