Instant ramen

Dinner for one is always a difficult affair. I get lazy to find ‘proper’ food and usually end up with no appetite. Early this week, the boy had to work late at the office so I was left to my own devices for dinner. Thought of skipping dinner altogether but my tummy started to rumble after a couple of hours.

Time to look for food.

The easiest meal to make for one is instant noodles so off I went to the kitchen cupboard. Instead of finding our usual instant noodles, I realised that I have completely forgotten about the 3 packs of instant ramen we bought from Hokkaido! WOOHOO! They’d be perfect for my dinner-for-one.

Selected the miso soup version:

This brand of ramen is supposed to be really popular in Japan. Not too sure about the bear logo though! Probably because you can find brown bears in Hokkaido?! *shrugs* If you can read chinese, you’d realise that the name of the noodles translate directly into “Bears Exit Did Not Notice” Caution! Bear Sighting” (my chinese is not very good and the boy corrected me on the correct translation – heh).


Tore open the packet to find these:

All the instructions were in Japanese but based on the pictures, it wasn’t too difficult to figure out that I had to throw noodles in 300ml of hot water, add seasoning, cook for 3 minutes. That’s like standard instant noodles recipe, no?

After 3 quick minutes, my dinner was ready.

Yes, it was a tad oily but it was delicious! It was bordering on being a tad too salty but no biggie. It was, truth be told, waaaay nicer than some of the ramen you get at Singapore restaurant such as Ajisen.

Along with frozen teriyaki chicken wings (made edible again thanks to the microwave) that I made the week before, it made for a happy dinner-for-one. Burp.


One thought on “Instant ramen

  1. What a hoot, I never thought I’ll see this pack of bear ramen again! Haha.. I bought this in Hakone (shoyu flavour), more for souvenir than actually for consumption because the packaging is just so un-ramen-like. Eventually I cooked it, but couldn’t get past 2 mouthfuls because it was so salty and the egg yolk(?) taste was too strong. Glad you liked it.

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