Girly holiday

Ok, I know I have been neglecting my blog. One main reason for my lack of blog updates is the fact that I no longer have a laptop at home! I own a netbook but I use it at school (easier and lighter to lug around to class than a ‘normal-sized’ laptop). I sometimes use the boy’s computer but alas, it has broken down as well. Whenever I get home, I do not actually touch the computer. Also, I tried blogging on the iphone but typing with one finger furiously is not the easiest, really.

So there you go, my list of excuses of why I haven’t been blogging. And yes, I am also well aware that thus far, I have only blogged about Hokkaido Day 1 with 7 more days (rah!) to go. We were there in June. It is not July. It is very very overdue 😦 But I shall attempt it! Soon! *fingers crossed*

Anyway, what I wanted to say in this entry is: I am going to Taipei!


This time, it’d be a girly trip with the sister and mum. I haven’t travelled with them for the longest time. Usually, my mum and sis travel together (on shopping holidays!) while I’d travel with the boy. This time round, I decided that I’d join them because it has been a long long LONG time since we went on a (sort of) family holiday together. FYI, my dad’s not interested in travelling. To him, a holiday is a waste of time and money because in his wise words: Can see the same thing on TV what!

So yes, the 3 girls will be heading to Taipei in August for 5 nights of eating and shopping.

Did you know that it is actually quite difficult to find a hotel in Taipei that can fit 3 persons in one room? I learnt that when I had so much problems booking accommodation. Of course, the large chains (i.e. Hilton, Sheraton, etc) have large rooms for 3 pax but do we really want to spend that much money on a hotel room when it’d really only be used to sleep and shower after the end of a frantic shopping/eating day?

Thanks to Facebook, friends recommended a couple of hotels in Taipei that’s near Ximending.. Some were too run-down (me no like dodgy-looking/smelling hotels) while others could not fit 3 adults in one room. Finally, after much googling and emailing, I managed to book a triple room (yeay!) at Just Sleep Ximending.

It has such a cute name eh? To be honest, I don’t really care how it looks like as long as it doesn’t look and smell dirty. There’s nothing I hate more than musky hotel rooms that look dodgy. Urgh. It’s a bonus if the mattress is comfortable and have at least 2 pillows on the bed. Hehe.

The sister discovered a very good promotion on Singapore Airlines where a return air ticket cost $595 nett per person. Damn good bargain, right? I don’t mind budget airlines but I realise that if you are going on a shopping holiday, a full-service airline makes all that difference because of the 20kg baggage allowance! Woots!

Can’t wait for August to come.


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