Passing on…

Of late, I have been receiving news of people passing on.

It started with the BGF’s father-in-law, Uncle P, who passed away suddenly last week. He was having his haircut when he collapsed and passed on. It came as a big shock to me and the boy, as well as everyone else who knew him. When I received word from the BGF, I had to confirm repeatedly if she’s referring to her father-in-law.

A couple of days earlier, I bumped into him at their place when the boy and I were over to watch the England-Germany World Cup game (yes, the one where England was trashed 4-0). He was pottering about in the living room and we had a little chat about random stuff. He looked perfectly healthy!

Being at the wake was a sobering affair and I couldn’t contain my tears when Mr Nacho (the BGF’s hubby) and his sister gave a short eulogy about what they remembered about their father. It is never easy when a loved one departs, let alone a sudden departure.


The very next day, I received news that one of my colleague’s nanny passed on. This lady pretty much brought her up so she was like family. She was suffering from dementia and was prone to hallucinations. This meant that she was constantly given a cocktail of strong drugs to keep the hallucinations at bay. It did keep the hallucinations away but this also meant that she remained in a dream-like, comatose stage whenever she was drugged. Very very sad 😦


This morning, anothe colleague told me that an ex-colleague at my previous workplace passed on last night. He’s the man who is credited with the branding of the Singapore Tourism Board and has, in fact, appeared as the “host” in the latest promotional campaign for His death came as a shock to me as well because he seemed to be in the pink of health. Apparently, he passed on from pneumonia. I did not work closely with him but remember him well for being very friendly and musically-inclined. Whenever there was a performance of any sort at the workplace, one can count on him to be performing – either singing, playing the piano, or both. Even though he was a Director, he had no airs about him. I am sure his creative ways will be sorely missed by everyone who knew him.


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