me myself and i

Password-protected entry

Hi girls,

I rarely do password-protected entries but seeing that this blog is linked to the ‘Notes’ function on Facebook and I have a million students on my friends list, I found it necessary to keep this entry private.

If I know you and you’d like the password to this entry, leave a comment in this entry and I’d email you the password πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “Password-protected entry

  1. i must tell you i enjoy reading all your blogs… although we may not be the closest of friends, in some sense, i think we share the same quirkiness and unconventional perspective of life! =)

  2. Now you’ve got me quite curious… and the topic is really intriguing, so yes, when you are back from Japan land, please give me the password!

  3. Yea, i understand the point about keeping some of the things private from students. (: I enjoyed reading your blog. It started since we got to know each other from Singapore Brides Forum, Bridal Veil Thread till now… Boy, its more than a year. Haha! Now i am curious about your entry…

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