True Yoga sucks

Yesterday afternoon, I received a cold call – yet again – from True Yoga. I have lost count of the number of times they have rang me trying to get me to sign up for something or the other. Usually, I just tell them that I’m not interested the moment they say that they are from True Yoga.

Yesterday’s call was different because I was pissed me off enough to write them an email:

Dear True Yoga,

I have been receiving tons of cold-calls from your company periodically and despite telling them the same answer all the time (“Sorry, but I am not interested”), I still keep getting the calls and my name has not been removed from the list.

Who do I need to speak with to remove my name from your calling list please? It is extremely annoying and you can rest assured that True Yoga will be the one company I will not be signing up for if I intend to sign up for yoga lessons. Cold calling is annoying and there needs to be a OPT OUT clause somewhere.

 Thank you and I look forward to your reply.

miss ene

Today, I received a reply from their SENIOR Operations Manager – please note paragraph in red that I have highlighted:

Dear miss ene, 

Thank you for writing in.

I would like to apologize on behalf of my colleagues for the calls that you’ve been receiving thus far.

I will copy this email to all the department heads to remove your name and contact number (require you to furnish) from our telemarketing list.

miss ene, I do however would like to request for assistance from you. As we have different departments capable of making calls and the fact that staff could in fact save a name/number on their mobile, please assist me to report the number the next time you receive another call from the True group. I will then inform the club in charge immediately.

Your assistance and understanding in the above is greatly appreciated.

Should you have anything else that needs clarified, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you.


Senior Operations Manager
True Yoga & True Fitness

Ok. Let me get this straight.

True Yoga is telling me that because they have a f***ed-up CRM system, it is now MY responsibility to inform them if they call me? And did you realise that “staff save numbers in their mobile phones”?! Whatever happened to data protection? Are they trying to tell me that some stranger out there has my personal mobile number saved on their handphone and can call me as and when they deem pleased? Well, she mentioned the word “fact” twice in one sentence so I’m guessing it is a erm, fact!

Also, she is asking me to furnish my contact number. Huh? You have my name. You have a telemarketing list. And you’re telling me you cannot suss out my contact details?

I quote: Your assistance and understanding in the above is greatly appreciated.

To be honest, I’m not sure how understanding I can be when some stupid company out there is constantly using my personal data to annoy the crap out of me despite me telling them that I! AM! NOT! INTERESTED! IN! YOUR! PRODUCT!!!!!!

My question is: Is there even some sort of law in the protection of data protection? Who do we speak to or contact in such a circumstance? I know I’m not alone in this because on the average, I get 2-3 calls A WEEK from some telemarketer trying to give me a free credit card, sell me insurance, sign up for a spa package, etc etc etc.



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