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Last Saturday, the boy and I made our way to the travel agency to make balance payment for our Hokkaido trip as well as to collect the necessary documents.

I must say that I was most impressed by their materials!

Gorgeous magazine-style brochures that make you want to book the next holiday.

The all-in-one information booklet that contains everything we need to know, including a detailed day-by-day itinerary complete with map and important must-see places flagged out. Woohoo!

From flight details, reporting time to emergency numbers, all the important bits are covered.

I don’t have a picture but we were also given a list of things to buy, i.e. Burberry Blue Label, FANCL (apparently cheaper in Japan), etc as well as a list of shops that we might like to check out, i.e. Seiyu, Muji, Daimaru, etc.

A handy Japanese-English guide for important words such as those related to food as well as a traditional map in case – God forbid – our GPS in the car fails on us!

There’s even a page dedicated to avoiding collision with deer, complete with (very cute) picture illustrations.

A useful handout on how one should behave at an onsen (traditional Japanese bath).

We’ve never been to a real onsen so I’m a little apprehensive to show my bits to strangers. We’d be given a small towel but really, how to maintain modesty with a small towel? Maybe I can cover my face with it…

I glanced through the itinerary and every other day, we’re either eating (a lot) or driving through countryside so I’m guessing I won’t be spending too much on shopping, EXCEPT for our last 2 nights in Sapporo. Yeay. The temperature during our visit is also expected to be between 12 to 21 degrees and that’s plain AWESOME!

3 more days! Woots! *cartwheels*


3 thoughts on “Ho-ho-ho-Hokkaido

  1. Soo – Actually, I have to admit that the joke wasn’t by me. The tour consultant said that to me when we were collecting our documents and I thought it was hilarious. Heh.

    Rach – Thanks! I sure hope it’s a fab one!

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