#11 The overzealously religious

Remember my post about 10 friends you should delete? I just came up with another one:

#11 The overzealously religious

Do you know those? The kind where they extol the ‘wonders of God and his awesomeness’ in every status update. He/she is not shy to tell the world that he/she is a BELIEVER IN GOD! And that he/she REALLY LOVE GOD!!!! PRAISE GOD!!!! GOD IS GOOD!!!!

Ok, I get it. I mean, really, I. Get. It. No need to update your status every 3.5 seconds proclaiming your love. We (and God) get it. This person usually also accompanies his/her posts with tons of religion-related photos with his/her fellow overzealous religious fanatics. He/she also feels inclined to update his/her status bar every step of the way, example:

  • Queuing up to enter XXX now.
  • It is really crowded today at XXX. I really respect the XXX.
  • XXX said something that really touched my heart today. PRAISE GOD!
  • I am so in love with my God because He is good.

God help me.

(and then hit “Remove from friend’s list” after)


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