Mee sua

The boy’s feeling under the weather so I thought I’d make a hot bowl of mee sua for lunch today. We were at the supermarket last night so managed to pick up loads of ingredients. As you can tell, the bowl was trying its best to contain everything. Hee hee.

I love mee sua!


2 thoughts on “Mee sua

  1. your mee sua looks yummilious~ What did you use to cook the broth for the mee sua? Been trying to cook on my own, but it still doesn’t taste good. 😦

  2. Hi ashley,

    Thanks for your kind words. I can only cook very basic dishes and more often than not, I fail (many times) before I get it right! I did the “cheaters” way and used Knorr’s chicken cubes. Heh. Used a small pot (the kind to cook instant noodles?) and fill it about 5/6 full. Added HALF a cube (because the mee sua itself is salty and if you add the entire cube, it’d be way too salty!). You can always add in more salt if you like it saltier. It’s really easy – go try! 🙂

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