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Egghead! What did he just say?

Some of you might have already seen this youtube clip that’s been circulating on Facebook. Apparently, it’s the Graduation ceremony of Ngee Ann Polytechnic and the announcer made a terrible boo-boo on the name of an Indian graduate. I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry at the situation.

Last week, I was extremely busy with our graduation ceremony. At each of this session, lecturers from the Communications diploma were the ones who were tasked to call out the graduand’s names. Thankfully, nothing as disastrous happened but still, when it came to a foreign names (we have many foreign students from Vietnam, China, Myanmar, etc), there were a couple of mangled names.

It leads me to think: Wouldn’t the announcer get the list of names beforehand? Wouldn’t it help to find out the correct pronounciation before attempting it in front of a live audience made up of the graduand’s parents, industry guests, etc? I would think it’s common courtesy, no?

Coming back to the clip. It’s not an easy job and I am glad I am not the one doing it. But still, for such an important role, would it hurt to get someone who can actually speak  and pronounce the various names? From what I gathered from internet gossip reports, the announcer is a lecturer. And I’m not surprised because at where I work, lecturers are the ones who do the calling-out of names.



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