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How to store your wedding gown

I recently collected my wedding gown (I know, after almost a year!) and after I tried to squeeze it into the wardrobe, I realised with horror that it was way too big and I can’t shut the door! Alamak!

Thankfully, a friend suggested using vacuum bags so when we were in town on Saturday, I went in search of them. Found some at Tangs (household department) and thanks to a very friendly and helpful staff, I bought 2 bags – one for the wedding gown and big bow and the other for the evening gown. I don’t foresee myself wearing them both anytime on the neat future so might as well store them away properly.

This is how the bigger bag looks like:

The difference between the 2 boxes above is – the one on the right (purple) has additional width of 22cm. Better for storing bulky items. The one on the left (red) is a “normal” bag good for ‘flat-packing’. It’s similar to a Ziplock except that it’s a LOT larger 🙂

As strange as this sounds, it was the first time I actually have time to admire the wedding gown properly. And once again, I realise how absolutely lovely it is…

The front bodice

The row of Swarovski crystals at the back of the gown.

*gush gush*


Have you wondered how the insides of a gown look like? Here’s a peek:

The train of my gown is *really* long so you can imagine the amount of material I had to contend with. It was a workout in itself, trying to fold it all up! Adding to the bulk is the “can-can” underneath it. I never did realise that the edges were prettily adorned with a proper hem – nice!

I mean, it’s actually underneath the big gown so who’s going to see, right? That’s what I like about Bridal Veil – the attention to details! Even though no one’s going to actually see the “can-can”, effort was still made to make it pretty. I like.

After huffing and puffing, I finally managed to get the huge gown into a ball lump. Don’t you think it’s looks like….something is trying to escape from it?


So was I done? Nooooo. There was still the (very big) bow!

I always wondered how it was secured onto the back of my gown and I found my answer:

Loads of heavy-duty safety pins sewn on repeatedly!

The bow was lot easier to fold and finally, I got ’em both into the bag.

Yes, I was kiasu and bought the biggest bag available because I decided that a bigger bag is better than a bag that’s too small! After I sealed it with the “double-locking system”, it was time to bring out the vacuum cleaner.

It’s really simple to use: Just turn on the vacuum cleaner at the designated point and soon after, all the air was sucked out of the bag. Ta-dah!

Don’t you think it looks like a giant lump of “mee hoon kway”? LOL!

Next up: The evening gown.

It’s waaaay lighter than the wedding gown because it’s made of chiffon so thankfully, I didn’t have to use so much energy to pack it away. Again, I think I might have bought a bag that’s a tad too large. Ooops.

Again, I used the vacuum cleaner on it and voila!

These bags are awesome because they shrunk them so much that I can store them properly now.


The lady at Tangs told me that I should air them every 6 months but I’m not sure if I’m hardworking enough to do that. As the saying goes: Out of sight, out of mind! I guess it’d be a feat if I do air them once a year….

PS. I was telling my mum excitedly about my “new discovery” (i.e. the vacuum bags) when she casually told me that I could have bought them at Daiso for $2 each.



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