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Happy Mother’s Day!

It was Mother’s Day yesterday and instead of one mommy, we each have two this year! One mum and one mother-in-law 🙂

Mum wanted a new handphone because her old one was dying on her so we got her exactly that. Before I wrapped it up nicely, I charged the phone so that she can use it the moment she gets it. Heh.

The Nokia 6700 classic! The boy traded in his Blackberry Storm so we got this at a bargain. Yeay!

For the MIL, we bought her this pretty little thing:

Got this pretty pot of orchid from Far East Flora (my favourite place for flowers, plants and all things nature-related!) because I went there to buy a whole bunch of eustomas for my mum, grandma and aunty because the same evening, we were having a BBQ to celebrate Mother’s Day.

It sure looks easy when the florist packs a bunch of random flowers together but I took about an HOUR (!!) to prepare these 3 bunches! Phew!

Note to self: Stick to day job. Forget the idea of ever becoming a florist.

I meant to also bake a carrot cake for the gathering but by the time I was done packing the flowers, I was too exhausted and grouchy to bother. The hot weather didn’t help too….

Anyway, I think the receipients of the flowers were very pleased and that, I guess, is the best reward.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mummies out there! (A special shout-out to the BGF who just popped a couple of days before to make it in time to celebrate Mother’s Day – Heh!)


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