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Announcing the arrival of…

The BGF and her lovely hubby Mr Nacho welcomed a new addition to their family with the birth of their lil’ daughter on 5th May.

Her name is pronounced literally – “Sh” (shi) and “Ma” in a single syllable so it’s Shma 🙂 Sounds a little like “smile”, if you ask me. It’s a Herbrew name and (I believe). She’s just soooooo adorable. I lurrrrrve her (fat) cheeks! Heh. I haven’t actually seen her with her eyes open because she’s always. sleeping! Then again, that’s the job of a baby.

Popped over to visit her on Sunday bearing gifts:

After checking with her father, it was decided that we’d buy her “fun stuff” which means toys! YEAY! Got little Shma a cot mobile (dinosaurs!), an alien rattler (from the planet Zolo – heh) and a Lamaze “Stretch the Giraffe”. I never knew about Lamaze toys until Mr Nacho mentioned them. They’re supposed to be really educational and good for little ‘uns.

I think she’s still a little too young for them (at time of writing, she’s only FIVE DAYS OLD!) but I’m guessing it’d be handy when she gets older. Can’t wait for her to grow up a little so that we can hang out.


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