Maybe baby

Before you jump into any conclusions, let me state for the record that no, we are not expecting a baby. However, I feel this immense need to say my piece about the matter, ie babies. Specifically, WHEN couples decide to have their first child.

I love babies. I’ve always did, even as a little girl. I’d be the one cooing over newborns at the hospital while the sister checks out what’s on tv. The best friend recently popped her first child and I think I was beside myself with excitement.

My point is, why do people you barely know like asking questions like ‘so when are you going to have a baby?’

Now. On many occassions, I have been extremely tempted to say: ‘I’m going to Mothercare tomorrow after work to pick one out. Do you think I should get a boy or a girl?’

I mean, seriously now. How do you answer such a question? I find it intrusive and frankly, plain rude. Also, how do you REALLY answer such a question??

There are a couple of exceptions, of course, such as teenagers who act like 5 year olds (ie can’t blame them for not knowing any better), my really close friends whom I believe are asking out of genuine concern and parents and in-laws because, well, it’s their ‘job’ to ask…

I just don’t get the ones whom I barely speak to or know but decide to ask me such personal questions. Can’t you ask me about the weather instead? My new dress? The hairclip in my hair? The file I’m holding? Anything ELSE, really!

I’ve even had people I barely know go into a spiel about how I’m not young anymore and that I should *really* consider having a child, how it’s *really* dangerous to have a child if I’m too old, blah blah blah.

I’d that’s not plain rude, pray tell, what is then?

I really don’t get why people like to poke their noses into other peoples lives. Own life very boring, izzit?

I’m sure many married couples face the same questioning and it got me thinking. What started this strange culture? Do people really think it’s ok to ask such questions and expect an honest answer?



4 thoughts on “Maybe baby

  1. Haha I really thought u were expecting a baby when I saw the subject.

    it’s never going to stop. Even if you have one, the questions will continue eg, “so when you going to have second one?”

    And like what a friend (new dad) told me, even kaypoh aunties (total strangers) like to comment and criticise, “wah lau baby not carry like this one lah! must be like this-that what!”. hence, this sparked off a heated quarrel in the busy shopping mall.

    Too many kaypohs around.

  2. Haha… so when are you going to have a baby?

    When it comes to babies and toddlers, all the normal conventions with regards to privacy and etiquette all fly out of the window.

  3. chubbyjean – Aiyoo. Strangers actually poke their nose into how one should carry his baby? Insanity! I would clobber the aunty on the head and tell her to f*** off.

    chiarezza – But that’s what I don’t understand: How come people dunno when to ask or what to ask?!

    ting77 – Ha, yeah man. If only it’s so easy lor….

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