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Stole this off the sister’s blog and it made me smile. Reminded me of the boy. Me thinks he knows me more than I know myself sometimes.

  • He knows exactly when I’m hungry/tired (when I go really quiet and look grouchy).
  • He willingly gives me a massage when I whine ask nicely. Sometimes, I don’t even need to ask and he’d trot over to my side of the bed.
  • He knows exactly what I like to eat and would wake up early to get me brunch on weekends because he knows I’d be starving when I’m awake.
  • He knows what type of food I like with chilli, without chilli, with extra sauce, with less sauce, etc.
  • He turns on the airconditioner in the room to cool it down so that the room will be nice when I’m ready to sleep.

And the list goes on….And it’s really really sweet because the boy pays attention 🙂


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