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Review: Artemis Villa and Hotel

Artemis Villa and Hotel is a new small hotel located in Seminyak, apparently the up-and-coming area of Bali (please don’t turn into Kuta! Pretty please!). In fact, it’s so new that they haven’t opened officially yet – they’re poised to open in mid/end April. I found them by trawling through the internet and took a chance with Artemis because there wasn’t any reviews available.

The check-in was painless and we were given the keys to our villa, G3. We checked in pretty late (plane only arrived at about 9pm) so these photos were taken the next day.

Our villa looked pretty much like the one I saw on their website. In fact, I’m inclined to think that it was the very same villa!

The garden with the jacuzzi (which we never did use!)

The living room with NO AIRCONDITIONING. More on that later.

The kitchen and dining table. The door leads to our (airconditioned) bedroom.

The TV console – the tv’s hidden behind the sliding doors.

The villa was lovely and huge. In fact, it was a tad too huge for the 2 of us! Also, the layout of the villa was a little strange. To move between the bedroom and living/kitchen area, you had to go through doors. A little too much effort especially when you’re on holiday, no?

To add to it all, the living/kitchen area is NOT air conditioned. Bali is sweltering hot this time of the year so the living/kitchen area was constantly humid and hot despite us throwing open ALL the doors with the ceiling fan turned on high. This held no attraction for us so what did we do? We stayed in the bedroom all the time and pretty much left the living/kitchen area empty.


The bedroom was pretty nice with a 4-poster bed, complete with romantic mosquito nets.

Huge ass bed!

View of the garden and jacuzzi from the bed.

Sadly, the bed wasn’t as comfortable as I expected. I actually missed our own mattress at home. It felt pretty ‘springy’, i.e. whenever the boy moved, I’d feel it and wake up. Sigh. And yes, I’m a (very) light sleeper. Also, there were only 2 pillows provided (only 2!!) and although not spectacular, they were ok. The quilts were also a tad thin. I like my quilts thick and luxurious so that I can huddle under it.

Moving on to the bathroom…

Again, the bathroom’s not airconditioned so mosquito coils and a small can of insecticide was provided. I like the mosquito coil holder – very pretty yet practical!

Yes, we used this every night for the bathroom.

The wardrobe area with our supply of towels. There were also 2 cotton bathrobes within. Nice!

Standing rain shower. Am I the only one who doesn’t like rain showers? I don’t like how it’s so…far from my head! Heh.

The cute bathtub. It looks like one half of a pea pod.

The bathroom was pretty roomy. Unfortunately, it did not come with 2 separate basins like Twin Palms Phuket.  The toiletries provided were pretty standard issue although they did smell quite decent.

PS. I think Twin Palms Phuket set a new high in our expectations for resorts in Asia so even though Artemis was pretty decent, I couldn’t help but compare it to Twin Palms because the price we paid was pretty similar!

After one night in our jacuzzi villa, we asked to downgrade. Yes, downgrade. Only because:

  • the living/kitchen area wasn’t air conditioned so we never used it (what a waste!);
  • the aircon compressor was located right beside the bedroom (doh!!) and I couldn’t sleep because of the loud humming;
  • the villa was, honestly, a tad too large for the 2 of us.

Spoke to the manager and for some strange reason (or a breakdown in verbal communication), he offered us a complimentary upgrade to the pool villa.


And to make it even more strange, we – gasped – turned it down! I mean, we already found the jacuzzi villa too large. Can you imagine the pool villa with TWO bedrooms? Sheesh. A bit too big lah.

So anyway, we made the switch to what they call the apartment room.

The living room with the sofa where I spent many evenings using their free wifi.

Did I mention that the resort has free wifi? Woohoo! Interestingly, they pronouced ‘wifi’ (wai-fai) as ‘wai fee’ so everytime we got to a cafe with wifi, I’d have to ask: What’s the password for your ‘wai fee”? Heh.

Pretty similar except that it’s smaller. Best thing is, the living/kitchen area wasn’t as humid as the previous villa. Also, the bedroom was a lot quieter. Yeay!

The price we paid included daily breakfast so everyday, we’d enjoy breakfast with this view:

Unfortunately, the breakfast wasn’t particularly very exciting. There were 3 choices: American, Japanese and Indonesian. And yes, Indonesian breakfast has two options: Mee Goreng or Nasi Goreng.

The menu with prices if breakfast wasn’t included.

American breakfast. Strangely, there was salt sprinkled on the eggs which made it eye-squeezingly salty.

Mee Goreng, in all its fried goodness, complete with fried egg and keropok.

Omelette with green and red pepper and onions. This was my breakfast on the 3rd day because I couldn’t finish the usual portions so I asked for ONE slice of bread, ONE bacon and ONE omelette.

Ok, the Japanese breakfast was bad with a capital B. See that 3 sad bits of eggs? And that bowl of beans? The boy was feeling adventurous so he ordered the Jap set. And it was a bad move. He has a very high tolerance for bad food but he left it almost untouched. Apparently, the soup was extremely salty. Urgh….

Oh and did I mention that the hotel gave us a welcome gift? I found a pretty rattan box sitting on our bed and after I opened it up, found these within!

A miniature aromatherapy clay set with a crescent-shaped necklace (the hotel’s logo has a cresent in it). Sweet!

It was a decent hotel but like I mentioned above, I think we’ve been spoilt by Twin Palms. The hotel is located at Seminyak and is surrounded by cafes, shops, supermarkets, etc. However, you’d need to take a short walk into the resort and at night, it is dimly lit. I am just glad that no frogs tried to jump on my bare slipper-clad feet. Shudder.

Artemis Villa and Hotel
JI.Camplung Tanduk
Gg. Puri Kubu 63F
Tel: (0361)736136

Next up: The spa business in Bali.


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