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Blazing (hot) Bali

Honey we’re home!

After 5 blissful days in Bali, we are finally home. And no matter how gorgeous a resort is, I realise that nothing beats being home!

 It was my second visit to Bali (was there in 2007 and stayed at Sanur) and the boy’s third (he was there recently for a golf holiday with his buddies). This time round, we did not do any day trips nor planned anything. The only thing we planned were: where to eat and which spa treatment to go for.

Speaking of spa treatments, we went for massages every. single. day. that we were in Bali. Incredible, I know. In fact, I was wondering if it’s possible to be…over-massaged? It felt really good to be exfoliated, moisturised, soaked and kneaded every other day.


Bali, at this time of the year, was extremely hot and humid. If you think Singapore’s hot, wait till you’re in Bali. We were sweating buckets all the time! I don’t think I’ve perspired so much in a long long while. In fact, we had to change our clothes and take showers so often that we both ran out of clean clothes to wear on the last day! How insane is that? A hat (I bought one there!), sunglasses and sunscreen (with high spf) is a definite MUST. I also highly regretted not taking along my handheld electric fan…

I’d be doing separate entries on the places we ate at as well as the massage places we went to. Discovered a couple of gems and I’d be happy to share them with anyone heading to Bali.

Akan datang!


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