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Going up north

And yes, we are indeed heading to Hokkaido, for those who already figured it out from this post. We’ve booked a self-drive escorted holiday with Prime Travel after it was recommended by my colleague who used them for her Hokkaido self-drive family holiday. So far, my tour coordinator – let’s call him L – has been nothing but excellent. He follows up with a phone call, replies to my emails, answers all my queries promptly, etc.

Excellent service! I like 🙂

I didn’t even have to go down to their office! Everything was done online and through the phone. After telling L our requirements, i.e. travelling date, length of travel, what type of holiday we are looking at, etc, he recommend us the a self-drive holiday called the “8D7N Fly & Drive East Hokkaido Floral Fairytales II” departing on 4 June 2010. You can view the full itinerary, including price list, inclusions, etc here.

This would be our very first self-drive holiday (woohoo!) and L recommended that we book the new Toyota Prius. Even though it costs more upfront, it’s a hybrid car which means that apparently, fuel consumption is very good.

OMG. I just read that apparently, it has a “hands-free reverse parking aid”. REALLY??!! *excited*

Anyway, we’re eagerly awaiting the trip. I just did a quick check on the weather for Hokkaido in June:

High of 21 degrees? Oh wow. VERY VERY NICE! Time to pull out all my jackets, cardigans, scarves, etc. 😉 Yes, I’m quite afraid of the cold and I don’t want to catch a cold when I’m there. Also, it’s the perfect excuse to dress up. Heh.

PS. This is also our wedding 1-year anniversary celebration-cum-delayed-honeymoon! Lalalalalala….

Credit to this site. Such lovely lavender flowers! Don’t think we’d get to see them in June though…


9 thoughts on “Going up north

  1. exciting! i haven’t been to a self-drive holiday (except when i was 4 years old and my dad drove us around in Perth, where he studied), you must blog about it when you return. we have the prius too! i love the intelligent parking, it is quite fun to watch, for me it would be useful because i am so slow at parking, but for my husband, he prefers to do it himself because it’s quicker! the prius is a good drive, so hope you enjoy your holiday!

  2. I’m actually intending to blog on the road with either the iphone or netbook 🙂 I can’t wait to check out the Prius!!

  3. Hi Ms Ene,

    how is ur trip, can feed back, cos im thinking of booking with prime for july hokkaido trip with my daughter.. who will only be 18mths in july eek.

    1. Hi Ivy! We had an awesome time! One of our best holidays ever. I’ve recommended Prime to a few friends and colleagues (they were recommended to me as well) and they are very good. Even though you can probably get a cheaper package from other agents, the quality and standard of service is well worth the price 🙂

  4. Hi Miss Ene! I’m also looking at a fly and drive tour to Hokkaido. Would you recommend your package and who did you liaise with? And do you think May is a good time to go? (Did you see Sakura during your trip?)

    1. I cannot remember who I liased with but I am sure the people at Prime Travel will be able to help you. I went in June so don’t know how it is like in May. Again, the travel agent would be able to help. Go check out their website first? The departure dates are usually on the site.

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