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Another trip to the nursery

After lunch today, we headed over to Far East Flora. It’s our usual haunt when we are in the mood to jazz up our home with plants and flowers.

Decided to pick up a little pot of mint leaves and African violets.

I was teasing the boy that he hasn’t bought me flowers lately so he said that I could pick out what I liked from the cold room at Far East Flora. Decided to pick two bunches of eustomas – one in a beautiful shade of dark purple and another bunch of white ones.

It was too much for this vase so decided to fill up a smaller vase with the ‘leftover’ flowers. Guess where I placed them?

In the toilet! I think it makes the entire toilet look so pretty, like a hotel’s bathroom 😀

My pot of mint leaves hanging at the balcony. I hope they survive! Looking forward to having them in tea. Mmmmmm.

The boy also bought a pot of bamboo.

I can imagine ourselves sitting on the chair, contemplating our next wu xia move to save the world.

We also spent the rest of the afternoon re-potting various plants and trimming stray leaves, etc. It was a lovely way to spend a (hot) Saturday afternoon.


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