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Took a peek at the “Top Searches” for this blog and two of the searches were:

  •  how much to give angpow for wedding at marriott
  • market rate for wedding ang bao

Heh. Glad to know that people are checking! 😀 The question is: Are they giving the “correct market rate”? The next question is: What or who determines the “market rate”?

Photo credit: Leechua photography

Actually, there are many schools of thought on the matter. Some people think that they shouldn’t be “made” to pay for an expensive wedding (i.e. a wedding at the St Regis or the Ritz Carlton) and would give an amount that they are comfortable with (i.e. not market rate).

Others think that it’s a matter of “face”, “value of friendship” as well as the location where the wedding dinner is held (i.e. hotel vs restaurant) so they’d give accordingly. Yet others will think that their presence at the wedding dinner is enough, never mind how much the angpow contains.

What are your thoughts?


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