Movie weekend

It was our self-proclaimed movie weekend. We started on Friday with this:

Followed by these on Saturday:

I enjoyed all 3 movies although I have to say that my favourite amongst the 3 movies was “Little Big Soldier”. It had a nice mix of comedy and fight scenes and of course, having Lee Hom as the 2nd male lead helped too. Never mind that throughout the movie, his pretty face was covered by unkempt hair and face smeared with what is supposed to be mud and dirt. His chemistry with Jackie Chan was pretty good and surprisingly, his (Lee Hom) acting was pretty decent. After his last outing in ‘Lust, Caution’ where his acting chops were shredded to bits, I think he did a really good job in Little Big Soldier.

Hachiko: A Dog’s Story is a remake of a Japanese film  about a faithful dog Hachi (“8” in Japanese) who waits for the return of his master faithfully everyday at the train station. When his master died, Hachi continued to wait at the train station until his death 9 years later. If you think about it, how exciting is a show where the main character is a dog waiting at a train station? The movie was pretty slow moving and truth be told, there wasn’t much plot development and when the master (played by Richard Gere) died, I didn’t feel anything. However, when Hachi died, I couldn’t stop tearing. 😦

I have say at this point that I’m useless when watching movies involving animals, especially dogs. I cry every. single. time. the dog dies! Did you know that we never completed watching ‘Marley and Me’ because I made the boy stop the dvd at that point when Marley was limping up the stairs because I knew that he was going to pass on very soon (I must have read the book about 3 times now). So till today, we don’t know how the movie ends. Heh.

To me, 14 Blades is a boy’s movie. It was action-packed with slow-mo stylish fighting scenes from the word ‘Go’. I have to admit that I was half-watching because I was distracted by my laptop in front of me. It wasn’t a bad movie but it was a movie that would be best watched on a large cinema screen where the fighting scenes will come alive. Also, Wu Chun’s role as ‘Judge of the Sand’ (!) was pretty strange, to say the least. I just thought that he looked too pretty to be convincing! Also, his Mandarin sounded pretty odd amongst the rest of the cast, i.e. Donnie Yen, Zhao Wei, etc. Did you know that Mediacorp actor, Qi Yuwu also has a role in the movie?

Thanks to the wet weather over the weekend, movie watching definitely counts as one of the best things to do on a (rainy) weekend!


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