Why like that?

Unless you have been under a rock this past few days, you’d have read or heard about the Jack “I have been having many affairs” Neo (JN) saga. I do not usually comment or blog about the lives of ‘celebrities’ because what they do is really none of my business but after viewing that video of him and his wife at the press conference where the wife breaks down and all hell broke loose at the conference, I just have to get this off my chest.

Note: I did not watch the vide in its entirety because it just reeked of sensationalisation and over-the-top drama-mama antics so all I saw were the first 5 seconds or so and the very last bit where the wife collapsed.

1. Why feed the media circus with more drama than it is already digging up?

Many will argue that if JN doesn’t do a public conference and apologise, the media will not let him go and will continue to haunt him. My question is: Will the media stop the onslaught of attention and let them have their privacy? Apparently, the media have been camping outside their home which has driven the family to put up at a hotel. I think not. In fact, I’m almost sure the media will step up on the chase.

Did you know that even the Sydney Morning Herald picked up on the news? Wow. The news made it overseas!

I was at my in-laws place for dinner early this week and Xin Ming Ri Bao (the ‘day newspaper that I thought was more credible as compared to their evening counterpart) had a 5-page FULL COLOUR spread on the saga. In fact, it even had a specially-designed coloured header with a picture of JN looking sorrowful. And of course, they had to interview everyone and anyone remotely linked to the couple.

2. Why did his wife appear at the public conference?

We do not know the full story of the couple’s relationship and it is not anyone’s business to care except themselves. However, I don’t quite get why JN’s wife was made to face the 25,678 cameras clicking in her face.

JN is the public person, she’s not.

As a woman, it is painful and stressful enough knowing that your husband has had affairs (and multiple ones at that). Multiply that pain tenfold and perhaps, we may be closer to what JN’s wife is going through right now. Some may argue that she already knew about the affairs and chose to kept quiet to ‘keep up their lifestyle’. Other may say a million other things but really, my question is: Why put her in the media spotlight?

3. Why so drama?

I just can’t help but feel that the entire press conference is a last-ditch attempt at salvaging whatever’s left of JN’s thinly-shredded credibility as a person. Yes, it’s definitely a very emotional time for everyone involved and every other person on the street has an opinion on the matter.

But what’s up with the whole crying-fainting-shout at everyone scene at the very end?! Very drama leh. Almost akin to a JN movie!

I’m really sorry but I just don’t buy it. If the decision to hold that press conference and throw in the fainting/crying at the end is part of the ‘script, I like to think (and hope) that the general public has more intelligence than to fall for it.

Ultimately, it is a FAMILY issue that should be settled between the parties involved but I guess that as long as you are in the public eye, scrutiny on your personal life is part and parcel of the “job”.

Also, JN always came across as a person with a bit of a ‘high-and-mighty’ attitude and as the saying goes: The higher you climb, the harder you’d fall.

Plus, I’ve always believed in that one little word called KARMA.


The above opinions are solely of the blogger and does not, in anyway, reflect the views and thoughts of anyone else.


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