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Artemis Villa and Hotel

Remember the Bali tickets we bought online way back in November? No?

Neither did I.


I remember thinking back then that the Bali trip is sooooo far away (about 5 months away!!) but in a blink of an eye, April is like NEXT MONTH! Woots! It’s time to start my where-are-we-going-stay research online and so far, I have found a couple of places but maaan, they all cost above S$200! No wonder our preferred beach destination is Phuket lor….

After a couple of nights spent lurking looking around various websites (I used tripadvisor and asiarooms primarily), I found this place called Bali Artemis Villa and Hotels.Β It’s located at Seminyak and is just the area that we’re looking for. Actually, anywhere else in Bali except Kuta and Sanur (because we stayed there previously).

It has recently opened (woohoo!) and here’s what the website says:

Artemis Villa and Hotel is named after the mythological Greek moon goddess. Artemis elegantly releases the arrows of light made from the eternally mysterious Balinese moon. In Bali – the Island of the Gods – people find the beauty and miracle of life. At Artemis Villa and Hotel, our guests find a home to relax in and reconnect with themselves.

For luxury surroundings or an environment as relaxing as in your own home, Artemis is the perfect choice. With a wide selection of rooms, apartments, cottages and villas, Artemis Villa and Hotel has something to suit every taste. Apartments, cottages and villas have a separate kitchen for total self-sufficiency, although the restaurant is open all day for those who prefer to sit back and relax completely.

Mosied around the site, emailed the resort and they’re offering their one-bedroom villa with jacuzzi for a pretty decent price! I’m guessing that this is the pre-launch price (they only officially open in April 2010) and I’m guessing that as with all good properties in Bali, the price will double or even triple in a couple of years. Case in point: Aston Legend Villa that we stayed at 3 years ago cost us – are you ready for this? – S$152 per night. SO CHEAP CAN?! Now, the same villa costs $360 on the average.


So anyway, check out the one-bedroom villa with jacuzzi:

Lovely, isn’t it? I know it’s not typical Balinese style (i.e. loads of wood) but we stayed at such a resort the last time. Best of all, this resort is newly opened – their grand opening is only taking place this April!

If I can’t find any other suitable villas, we may just go with this! Woots.


4 thoughts on “Artemis Villa and Hotel

  1. Have fun! I’m sure you will, especially since you won’t be travelling with kids and elderly folk. Trust me, that’s a combination from hell and a surefire way to ruin ANY holiday before it even begins.

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