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Our first ‘official’ CNY

Yesterday marked the end of the 15 days of Lunar New Year. This means that it is time to take down all the CNY decorations dotted around the house. It was also our very first CNY after we got married last May so naturally, there were a couple of changes to our CNY routine.

For one, I had to join the boy’s family for reunion dinner this year. This means that we ate 2 reunion dinners – one on CNY’s eve eve with my side of the family and another reunion dinner on CNY eve with the boy’s family.

Here are some photos I stole borrowed from the sister of our reunion dinner with my side of the family together with my grandparents at Tang Court at RELC:

Our first lo hei for the Tiger year.

Oooh, my favourite crispy bits. It’s the only bits I eat – I don’t eat raw fish!


Everyone say CHEESE and HUAT HUAT! My grandparents were taking the lo hei very seriously. Look – they didn’t even bother to look up to smile for the camera. Heh.

On the first day of CNY, we trooped off to visit my other grandpa (dad’s dad) and here’s Domo looking spiffy in his CNY outfit:

I think he was very hot – check out his tongue hanging all the way out!

We then headed over to my uncle’s place for a quick lunch and a spot of gambling before heading to the boy’s grandma’s shop.

Al fresco steamboat dining!

He’s got a very large family so I was pretty busy giving out the angbaos to all the little cousins. I have to say that I definitely enjoy receiving angbaos more than giving but hey, it’s once a  year 🙂

The following days were a blur of eating and gambling but I’m not complaining. Oh and I also have to put on record here that in this Tiger year, I have had pretty good gambling luck! On top of this incident where I was paid 7x the betting amount, I pretty much won every. single. time. I played “Blackjack”.

I scored a ’21’ while the sister scored ‘double As’ in the same round at my uncle’s place. Woots!

This is definitely the ONLY year that I’ve won everytime I gambled. I’ve never had much gambling luck so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the luck lasts throughout the year 😉

How was your Chinese New Year?


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