OCC = Operation Cornflake Cookie

Before CNY came round, I gave a small bottle of cornflake cookies to my mum and the next day, she rang me and said that she’d be giving me a few empty bottles for me to fill up with cornflake cookies so that she can give them to her friends as gifts.

Uh oh.

I tried to make as many as I humanely could but it came to a point when I was hot, bothered and absolutely irritated by the sight and smell of cornflakes cookies. RAAH! So what I did was to call for ‘back-up’, i.e. my mum and our helper. Heh.

They came round one Sunday afternoon and wow, the ‘productivity’ level went up a few notches!

Check out the HUGE bowl of ready cookies at the bottom of the picture. My mum was in-charge of rolling the dough into small balls while my family helper placed the ‘balls’ onto the baking trays. Me? I was in-charge of placing and removing the cookies to/from the oven and packing the cooled cookies into the bottles. You can see one of the glass bottles I bought from Ikea in the photo above. I think they make really lovely gifts!

Cookies here, there and everywhere! Oh and because my kitchen is soooo tiny, Operation Cornflake Cookie had to be moved to the dining table.

After this bout of intense baking, I can totally understand why homemade cookies cost that much more than factory-made ones! PHEW.


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