Jamie Oliver's Fantastic Roast Chicken

I’ve always wanted to try roasting a chicken but never did quite get down to it because it looks…daunting. Besides, I wasn’t very keen on cleaning out a chicken, guts and all so yeah, as much as I want to try and roast a chicken, I never did quite get down to it…

…until I spotted a roast chicken recipe from a colleague’s wife’s blog where she tweaked the recipe from this site. It looked easy enough so on Friday evening, I decided to bite the bullet and buy the ingredients to prepare it for dinner over the weekend.

I have to say that Cold Storage’s fresh chicken is pretty awesome. It came pretty clean already so I didn’t need to meddle with guts and whatnots. PHEWPHEWPHEWPHEW. It was also a nice size (about 1.4kg) and could fit nicely into my roasting tray from Ikea.

Many people have told me that making roast chicken is really easy and today, I am convinced that they are right indeed!  The oven does all the work for you and all you need to do is to prepare the chicken and other bits (i.e. vegetables, etc) that go along with the chicken.

It was my very first time being this erm, intimate with a raw chicken and I found it rather hilarious. I had to massage in the butter mixture between the flesh and skin and my fingers had to go to squishy places. Ok, enough details. Note to self: Use latex gloves next time so that I don’t spend so much time trying to wash my hands clean of butter grease!

The smell of chicken roasting in the oven is, to say the least, heavenly. The boy, who was taking an afternoon nap, quipped that he got woken up by the smell. Heh. I think it was me who prodded him awake three times though.

The bird took about 70 minutes in the oven and I am pleased to present the final result, straight out of the oven!

Check out the chicken stock goodness floating at the bottom with the potatoes and onions! The recipe called for carrots but I was too lazy to drive out to the supermarket to get them so no carrots this time round. I transferred the chicken and vegetables into separate bowls so that it’d be easier to eat.

The recipe also had an optional bit for the gravy using the chicken drippings. Added a splash of white wine (found in the fridge) and a squeeze of lemon as per the instructions and it was yums. I might have added in a tad too much lemon though but no biggie – it was still yummylicious.

It was a dinner fit for 4 so naturally, the boy and I ate till we had very very happy (and overflowing) bellies. There’s still quite a bit of food leftover so I’m going to bring them to work as lunch tomorrow. You don’t see it in the pictures but there was also a side of salad.

Here’s the recipe again. In future, if we need to bring a dish for potluck, I totally know what I’d be making 😉 A FANTASTIC roast chicken indeed!


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