Friday date night

We started our date night at Old Airport Road hawker centre eating zi char, the famous Toa Payoh rojak and shared a big cup of sugarcane juice. We then headed to Leisure Park Kallang because we had tickets for the 9.40pm showing of “Valentine’s Day“.

We also like going to LPK because it’s not as crowded as town and there’s always ample parking! As we had loads of time to kill before the movie, we headed to the arcade! Woots!

Our usual ‘routine’ would be to shoot basketball hoops – it’s really fun! Last night wasn’t really our night though and we only got to level 2. Darn. With the remaining 2 tokens, I got the boy to play ‘Mario Kart’.

It was really funny because it allows the player to superimpose his/her photo on the selected character. Check it out:

In case you’re wondering, he has a crown on his head because he was leading in the race and eventually won it. Heh.

That image cracks me up! Wahahahahahaha…..

Headed to the supermarket to buy ingredients for a roast chicken that I intend to make over the weekend. Did I mention that I love shopping at the supermarket? 😀

The movie turned out to be pretty disappointing with a mish-mash of characters thrown into the plot. I’d take “Love Actually” anytime!

Nonetheless, it was a nice lovely Friday evening spent with the boy.


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