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Homefix – Timber decking


How time flies… it has been a good two years since we moved into our (still) new home. While things around the house are generally in a pretty good condition, we can’t say the same for our beloved timber decking who faces the harsh weather twenty-four-seven. Well, you will know things are bad when your wife, who never goes out to the balcony, quipped,” The timber looks quite bad eh?”

Best time to do some rescue work is,of course, during the lunar new year. So this year, adding into our endless list of things to do is to give our timber decking a new coat of varnish. 

Yesterday, after dropping The Girl at work, dropping the car at the car polishing workshop, I went to the nearby handy shop to buy the necessary equipments. Following the instruction on the can of varnish, I quickly gave the decking a good wipe down and got down  to work.

Before and After
Giving timber decking a new coat of varnish

I am suppose to give the timber decking two coats of varnish, second coat 24hours after the first one. Being lazy smart guy I am, I reckon the instruction are works for temperate countries. In our hot weather , the varnish almost dries up instantly.

Hickson Decor
The star of the show

 After almost 5 hours of work, here’s the result:

Finished look

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