around the house

All decked out!

After our jaunt to Chinatown last weekend, I went about sprucing up our little abode with chingchongness CNY decorations. The boy was a little disconcerted by my efforts to make our home ‘chinese-y’ but my excuse was: If CNY is not the time to go all chinese-y, then when? 😀

So we start with our main door:

A giant ‘fu’ to welcome the Year of the Tiger. Roooooar!

A close-up view.

I love these traditional paper cutouts. All you need to dab a little toothpaste (I kid you not!) as adhesive and voila! It’s done. Don’t use glue or worst, blue-tac!

Our little CNY corner with the short pussy willows.

On our bedroom door…

And finally, the living room.

I think we’re ready for CNY. Woots!


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