CNY shopping @ Chinatown

Last Sunday evening, the boy and I decided to check out the CNY festivities at Chinatown. And boy, there was a crowd indeed!

And it was only about 6pm! Notice how there’s still light? Tsk tsk. No wonder the evening news said that this year, it seems like many people are spending again after last year’s careful spending.

The usual CNY-related stuff were on sale – CNY goodies, CNY decorations, drinks, tidbits, etc. I was on the lookout for mini pussy willows similar to last year and a couple of new CNY decorations.

Will we ever run out of CNY goodies? I think not.

Loads and loads and loads AND loads of CNY decorations!

The shop above had this salesman using a loud cordless microphone to entice people to enter the shop. He was saying things like how his boss is in the toilet (!) so they’re selling at “crazy prices” .


It was super hilarious and you know what? It worked! The shop was filled to the brim with shoppers, us included 😀 Just look at the crowd!

There was also a giant 财神爷 (God of Prosperity) located in the middle of the road and everyone was taking a picture of it…

…check out that gold (inflated) ingot he’s holding. Heh, so cute lah.

Strangely, there weren’t many stalls selling pussy willows this year and just as I was getting demoralised, I suddenly spotted another stall selling them. Woots! Bought the usual bunch (“the shortest one please”) for $6.

Yeay! *does a star jump*

CNY decorations in the next entry!


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