2 sick cats

Instead of getting better, I fell even more sick over the weekend. This means that almost my entire weekend was spent sleeping or in a hazy state of mind. It’s been a long time since I fell this ill and suffice to say, it’s horrible. Despite sleeping more than 10 hours a night, I wake up, eat a little (my appetite is pretty non-existent now), try and watch a bit of tv (i.e. some random C-grade zombie, flesh-eating show on Star Movie) but eventually give up and collapse into bed again.

This flu bug is pretty intense, man.

Went to the doctor first thing Monday morning and was given 2 days of medical leave from work. TWO! This must be a record of sorts because my doctor very rarely gives more than a day’s medical leave unless you’re dying or something.

And heck, I’m so sick, I haven’t really been online! I just don’t. have. the. energy. And for all who know me, that is a sure sign that I’m pretty ill because more often than not, I’m on the internet a lot *chuckle*

And to top it all off? The boy told me that he caught my flu bug and is now down with a sore throat. RAAAH!

The boy and my flu bugs.

I’m on the road to recovery so hopefully, after tomorrow’s full day of rest at home, I’d be good as gold again. And I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the boy will get well soon too, in time for the weekend.


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