Over and beyond.

So 2009 came and went. As cliche as it sounds, I need to say it: Where did all that time go? I distinctly remember this time last year. The boy popped the question in September ’08 and we already had our own place.

Early 2009 was spent learning how to be a good partner (not wife yet mah) by attempting to cook and bake. As with all learning journeys, some turned out better than others. Heh. For that, I will always be grateful to the boy for putting up (and surviving) the less-than-stellar food outcomes. He would always finish all that I make, regardless of taste, look or smell.

I know, he’s quite the sweetheart 😉

The first quarter of 2009 was also spent planning and preparing for the big day. I still remember wondering if the big day will ever come so that we can stop spending all our waking hours thinking and planning it! In a blink of an eye, 7 months have flown by. And no, I do not miss the wedding day although I wished I had the time to actually savour the day properly. Then again, that’s what photos are for eh?

During this time, I get asked these 2 questions the most:

1) So how’s married life?

2) So when are you going to try for a baby? (or something along those lines)

For #1, I always say “the same as before” because really, I think the initial period of living together was the real testing ground! Two different persons coming together under one (small) roof means that there was a lot of give-and-take to be practised.

I am not going to say that it’s all rainbows and unicorns everyday because it isn’t. There have been times when I was close to tearing my hair out and crying out in frustration. It became 10x more difficult on days when I was (1) tired (2) in a bad mood (3) both, but learning how to cope with the differences was something I learnt. Fast.

I also learnt that constantly focussing on the GOOD bits is a big help. Also, having a BGF who always puts things into perspective helps a great deal so I’d like to put it down here in words:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Miss BGF. I am thankful that I haven’t received that big fat bill in the post yet (she always jokes that she dishes out free relationship advice to me and should start charging for it).

As for #2, my answer ranges from the joke-y (“I’d check out the supermarket tomorrow to see if they have one in stock”) to the mundane (“we’re working on it”). I mean, really, how do you seriously answer a question like that? I know friends mean well when they ask but along with questions such as “So when you getting married?”, it’s a bit difficult to answer, no?

The truth is, we would both love to start a little family of our own and I have been reading up on related matters but you know what? I have learnt that to actually get a pea in the pod isn’t that easy afterall! I know of friends who get a bun in the oven really easily (i.e. on their honeymoon) but I also know of friends who have been trying for many years and nothing has happened. I can only imagine the disappointment and sadness that come with each non-success so the boy and I have agreed that we are just going to let nature take its course and if it happens, it happens. But if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. I always subscribe to the ‘things happen for a reason’ bit so we’re just going to keep our options open and hope for the best!

I have always loved kids, right from a very young age and it would be awesome to have one of my own but really, this kind of things cannot rush one lor. If only we can really pick one out from the supermarket shelves…

Right. Where was I? Yes, I was trying to tell you about my 2009.

The last quarter of 2009 was pretty much spent enjoying each other’s company and…being a married couple. I also realised that I’m getting lazier as the days go by. Previously, I used to enjoy hanging out till late, meeting new people, etc. These days, the thought of going to a party where I will need to actually make small talk to strangers tire me out before I even step out of the house. Is this what we call the ‘married life’?

Contrary to popular belief, I actually like staying home and doing ‘boring’ things like shopping at the supermarket (my fav!) and having a quiet dinner. Even though we live under the same roof, sometimes, we are both too tired post-work to actualy have a conversation. Thus, the weekend is spent chatting idly and pretty much just doing mundane stuff.

So what does 2010 hold for me? I really don’t know but come what may, I know the boy will be there beside me holding my hand and that, in itself, is a glorious blessing.

Happy New Year, everyone. And thanks for still reading even though the wedding’s long over! Heh.


2 thoughts on “Over and beyond.

  1. You’re most welcome. Actually, it’s not relationship advice. It’s professional psychological insights, keyword being professional, which warrants the bill.

    And actually hor… the pod is born with the peas inside. Haha. But ok, I get what you mean.

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