I heart hamburger.

I was chatting with Miss E one day on MSN when our conversation veered towards food. She shared that she uses this recipe from ChubbyHubby to make Japanese-style beef patties and it looked really good on her blog!

It looked easy enough so instead of using wagyu and pork belly, I used “normal” minced beef. I also left out the bread crumbs and replaced japanese soy sauce and mirin with teriyaki sauce. Left it in the freezer to marinate for about 2 days and used it to make a burger dinner tonight. Bought the buns from Gardenia and threw in a couple of salad leaves and chopped tomatoes.

And if I may say so myself, it was amazingly yummy! The beef was pretty flavourful and along with a can of Coke, we both ate till we had happy bellies.



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