around the house


I’ve been looking about for a humidifier for our bedroom as we turn on the aircon every night. I did some research online as well as checking out the shops. We settled on the Novita NH900 but it was retailing for $299. Gulp.

I went online again and on a forum (can’t remember which one), saw that a lady was selling off the same model for $180. We exchanged a couple of emails and finally, last evening, she came by and passed me the machine. Oh, and I only paid $150 for it!

It’s now sitting pretty on our bay window in the bedroom.

We set it to the ‘sleep’ mode where it will work for 9 hours before shutting off automatically. Last night was the first night we used it so it’s still a little early to tell if it works, i.e. made the room less dry.


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