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Last night, I was pottering about the bedroom when I heard the boy yell: Come and see this! You have to see this house!!

I ran out and saw that he was watching this new Ch 5 program hosted by Michelle Chia called “Renovaid”. According to various websites, this “reality-community” series will help various financially-challenged families to sort out their HDB flats as well as their lives. I also found a blog entry from the Interior Designer who did up the house in the first episode. There are “before and after” pictures found on the blog entry.

I guess you will understand why the boy was sooooo amazed when you look at the “before” pictures. Here are some of them:

All photos courtesy of the above websites.

When I was watching the “before” scenes on tv, all I could say was : “OMG….OMG….Oh wow….OMG…..”

How could anyone live in such conditions? There was barely space to move around, let alone live! Just looking at the pictures was enough to make me cringe and feel really uncomfortable. Imagine living there. Shudder.

Anyway, the ID came in and redid the house. I have to say that although the house looks really modern and clean after the overhaul, I am concerned with the upkeeping. Old habits die hard and even though everything looks really modern and beautiful after the renovations, I am not sure how long it will remain that way if the occupants continue to hoard/keep stuff. It’s almost akin to giving them a clean slate to start piling up junk again! As such, I really really hope, for their own sakes, they get rid of the hoarding habit.



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