miss ene makes beef lasagna

So last night, I got down to making beef lasagna for dinner-for-2. The recipe calls for “a cup of red cooking wine” and for the longest time, I was looking high and low at the supermarket for a bottle of wine that is labelled “red cooking wine”. *blush* After I checked with a colleague who’s F&B-trained, I realised that actually, that just means I can use any (cheap) red wine.

Lalalaalala. Told you that I’m a 10-feet-under noobcook!

So yes, I made the boy open a bottle of red wine just so I could use one cup of it to cook the beef. To cut a long story short, the recipe was really very easy and I had a lot of fun layering the different erm, layers. Oh, the instant lasagna sheets come in rectangles and my bowl was oval so that posed a bit of a problem. What I did was to use one sheet and then broke up another sheet to “fill in” the sides that were not covered. Heh. I also added some mixed herbs that I have sitting on my shelf as well as 2 pinches of sea salt.

Pre-heated the oven till 200 degrees (that’s hot!), popped it in for 30 minutes and I watched as the cheese melted and the house was filled with melted cheese goodness. Mmmmmm, it smelt soooo good! Even the boy (who fell asleep while waiting for dinner) got woken up by the aroma. Heh.

Here’s my first attempt at beef lasagna:

I should have taken a better photo but I was hungry so I used my camera phone.

Yes, it got a lil’ burnt at the top 😦 I think that’s because my oven’s really small so it cooked the top layer a lot faster. Next time, I’m going to try and put an alumnium foil over it to prevent the top from turning crispy! Speaking of crispy, the top layer of pasta was really crispy as well. Heh.

A close-up shot. Lurrrrve the onions!

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. Will probably use a teeny bit more salt next time round to bring out the taste a bit more. Best of all, it was really an easy dish to prepare with minimal mess and fuss (i.e. the kitchen did not look like a warzone post-cooking).

I like!


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