While googling for a recipe for lasagna/baked rice, I stumbled upon this website – I was totally drawn to the really pretty pictures and cheery colours used on the blog. More importantly, it is written by a girl in Singapore so this means that many of the ingredients used will be familiar and available in our local supermarkets.


The site also contains lot of one-dish meals as well as some of my favourites such as ‘salted vegetables & tofu soup’ 咸菜豆腐汤!

I’m soooo inspired!

Her beef lasagna looks yummy and pretty “do-able” as well. I bought all the ingredients from the supermarket yesterday so am looking forward to trying it out sometime this week! Best of all, I have the exact tray that she uses (from Ikea!) to make the lasagna.

Photo from

I also bought a smaller porcelain bowl from Ikea that I think will be perfect for the lasagna or baked rice.

Can’t wait to use it! also got me thinking: If the blogger is considered a noob cook (check out all the wonderful food she makes!!), what am I then? A 10-feet-underground noobcook?



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  1. set! looking forward to try it on x’mas… errr, i will be invited, right??? or there might not be even a party???!!! hahahaha…. =P

  2. wow miss ene, your post really made me blush. Ty for your kind words of encouragement. I have a lot to learn from you too because I’ve never baked a cake b4 and your butter cake looks delish.

    coincidentally, I just bought the white porcelain bowl from Ikea yesterday to make baked risotto and when I came home, I saw your post with a picture of the exact thing hehe

    Hope you like the lasagna/baked rice recipes when you try them out. Feel free to give me your feedback =)

  3. peanut – Ha. I don’t think we’re having any Christmas party at our place 😉

    noobcook – Hello there! Thanks for leaving a comment! I actually attended baking classes before I was successful in making those cakes you see on the blog. If you look at older entries, you’d realise that there were many baking failures. Heh. I did try your recipe and blogged about it! And yes, that porcelain bowl from Ikea is just enough for 2 pax. Yeay!

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