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Christmas tree II

At midday today, the boy and I headed to Ikea. We were going to get our Christmas tree! Our second tree, that is. Last year, we goto our live tree from Ikea as well.

Ikea offers 3 different heights of trees for sale and obviously, we got the shortest one (1.6m). Last year, we took the very last 1.6m tree so we decided to be kiasu safe so we headed to Ikea the very first day the trees were available.

Here’s the boy picking out our tree:

We still had the $20 Ikea voucher we received for returning the tree after Christmas so we used it to buy this year’s tree. Heh.

We also got a pot of poinsettias for $8.90. They’re so red and…Christmassy!

We had to lay down one side of the backseat to transport our tree home. Heh.

Here’s the tree sitting in the tree base that we bought from – where else – Ikea last year – doesn’t it look like a green mummy?

Yes, it created a big mess because the loose needles all fell out! We were busy vacuuming after putting up the tree…


Christmas tree – 2009 version

Christmas tree – 2008 version

We’re just missing the star at the top. But this time round, our tree’s a lot more lush as compared to last year’s! Yeay!


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