Friday Fare Frenzy

At about 1pm today, a colleague forwarded me an email. It was from Jetstar and it was promoting their ‘Friday Fare Frenzy’. How this works is on every Friday between 1pm and 5pm, Jetstar offers various destinations at a crazy low fare. This week, Bali was on sale and that got me quite excited. We have been to Bali (in 2007) but I lurve beach holidays so I quickly went to check out the rates.

I scanned through the dates and after a quick call to the boy, we booked our tickets! That must be the fastest holiday decision I’ve made. Heh.

For a total of $236 (all taxes included), we booked return tickets to Bali from 12 to 16 April 2010. Ok, I know it’s like really far away but hey, the tickets are damn cheap can?! This fare does not include any check-in luggage but no biggie. I’d just pack toiletries that are less than 100ml each and bring very little clothes. Besides, what clothes do you really need for a beach holiday except for a bikini and perhaps some clean underwear?

Next up would be to decide where to stay. Any recommendations? We stayed at Sanur previously at Aston Legend Villas (which was really nice!) so we’d probably check out another area. Anywhere but Kuta please!

Here are some photos from our previous Bali holiday:

Yes, that is my foot with a flower in between my toes. This was taken by the pool where we were the only ones using it! Ahhhh….

Our villa with private pool. Yes, it was truly awesome.

Breakfast served in our villa everyday. Check out the hand-crafted watermelon slices. Talk about living like a king….

Ok, I should stop looking at our photos since our next Bali trip is erm, FIVE months away. Gulp.


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