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joseph selene wrapped

This picture is one of my favourites from our pre-wedding photoshoot with Utopia. I know you can’t really see our faces but I really do love the composition of the picture. I like how the boy has one foot forward while I hold my gown gingerly with my free hand. It’s like we’re on our way to an adventure!

We’ve been meaning to make a large canvas print of one of our wedding photos to hang in our living room but due to a mixture of laziness and procastination, we’ve been sitting on the ‘job’ till this afternoon. After going through all our photos, the above photo still ‘jumped’ out at me. I did not want one of those typical wedding photos where we are both grinning at the camera. Rather, I’d rather a nice photo that looks almost like a painting.

So, no prizes for guessing which photo we chose to enlarge onto a canvas block 🙂

I did a quick seach online and found Brilliant Prints. To cut a long story short, I gave a call to the company and after a quick chat and email, we confirmed our order for a 100cm (W) x 66.69cm (H) canvas print. Total cost?


Wow. Not cheap at all. Then again, it is a rather large print and they sound like a pretty reputable company. I like this bit from their website – note the paragraph I highlighted in red:

“We want you to be 100% happy with the product you receive from us. Thus, you can order your canvas print, and you do not have to pay a single cent until you have received the print. If, for any reason at all, you are not completely, absolutely 100% delighted with the way that your print turned out then simply contact us and we will arrange for our courier to collect the print from you and return it to us at no cost to you.

This guarantee extends to imperfections in the canvas, you simply changing your mind, you deciding that you would prefer a different image, colour problems, framing problems, your recent divorce from the other person in the photo. Whatever the reason, we will do everything to ensure you are satisfied.”

LOL! That made me laugh. But then again, it’d good to know that if I am not satisfied with the product, I can simply return it without having to pay first. Woots! Best bit? The canvas print can be ready in 4 days time. FOUR DAYS! Wow. That’s amazingly fast!

I can’t wait to see how it’d turn out 🙂


2 thoughts on “Peekture

  1. brilliant prints is awesome! i printed several of my pre-wedding shots with them too coz they had some sort of offer (10%, i think if you get a big + 2 smaller prints), which we displayed at the reception on our AD.

    their service was fantastic and turnaround even better! our prints were ready in less than 48 hours, which was awesome coz we only went down the week before our AD 😛

    i heard from my AD PG that most of the photographers use them too, so no worries there 🙂

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