Pandan + chocolate chiffon cupcakes

There’s a little shop at Ang Mo Kio Hub that sells a type of chiffon cake that’s pandan and chocolate mix. It’s really nice but pretty expensive at $1.50 a slice. Wow. Since I have recently learnt how to them both, I decided that I’d try to make them at home. The boy was also, surprisingly, in the mood to help out. Now, THAT is rare 😀

Baking together is pretty fun and definitely faster. I worked on the pandan cake mixture while he mixed the chocolate ones. It was funny watching him try and measure out all the ingredients carefully.

The boy concentrating very hard at mixing everything together.

Let me share with you an incident that made me giggle.

One of the ingredients required was 1/2 tsp of cream of tartar. He picked up the measuring spoons, pulled out one of them and said: This one is 1/2 tsp hor?

I took a closer look because it didn’t seem quite right and guess what? He was holding up the 1 TBSP measurement. TBSP = Tablespoon. TSP = Teaspoon.


Tee hee hee.

Thankfully he checked first. Otherwise, I’m really not quite sure how the cupcakes will turn out. Heh.

Soon, both mixtures were ready. We were wondering how we were going to know which cups consists of pure pandan and which ones were the pandan+choc mix. Guess what we did?


Yes, we ‘dotte’ them to indicate which were the combi ones. Can you spot the 100% pure chocolate one? 😉

After a quick 15 minute whirl in the oven, out it comes!


Heh. They made me laugh because of their funny shapes! And did you notice that the chocolate has ‘poked’ through the pandan bits?

We peeled one open and voila!


Double-layer chiffon cupcakes with chocolate at the bottom and pandan at the top! We excitedly bit into and chewed.

And chewed…

And chewed….

Something was not quite right at the pandan bit. The chocolate bit tasted the same (and delicious) but somehow, there was something missing in the pandan half.

Then it hit me.

I forgot to add in more sugar! RAH!!! I only remembered to add sugar to the coconut milk but completely forgot to add 135gm of sugar when beating up the egg whites.

*smacks forehead* I’m such a dodo bird.

But other than that small oversight, it was good 🙂 Heh.


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