Chocolate chiffon cupcakes

I was in the mood to bake again so this time round, I tried the chocolate chiffon cake recipe. The only difference is, instead of baking in the chiffon-cake pan, the recipe calls for the cake to be baked in 2-inch cups instead.

The chocolate chiffon is actually easier than the pandan cake because there was no need to pre-cook the coconut, etc. Did you know that coffee is added into chocolate chiffon to give it an “oopmh”?

After a quick 15-minutes in the oven, they were ready!


On hindsight, I could have filled each cup with more ‘dough’ but I was afraid that it would ‘over-rise’ again so thought I had better keep it at half-cup. Heh.


Lots and lots of them. Can’t wait to sink my teeth into one. I hope they taste just as good 🙂


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