miss ene bakes: Pandan cake

I attended a baking class called “The Art of Chiffon” a couple of weeks ago because I got tired of failing. Heh.

Last night, I got the mood to bake since I had coconut milk left in the fridge. After slaving in the kitchen for slightly over an hour, this is what popped out:


It looked pretty decent except that the top bit’s pretty cracked (oven too hot?). But what made me laugh was how much the cake rose! Check it out:


It was – literally – popping out of the pan! Heh. I’m not actually sure why this happened. Anyone? Help?

But most importantly, it tasted pretty decent! I threw in some pandan leaf from our (very mini) garden and actually did not have enough coconut milk (a couple of grams short) but overall, the taste was very decent!

I wanna try making chocolate chiffon soon. Yums.


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