Check out my nails which I specially did for the fashion show:


Check out how long they are!


These superduper long nails are making it really hard to type! But here’s a secret: They’re not real.

Yep, the nails you see above are nail extensions.

My real nails were too short so I decided to check out nail extensions. It’s my first time trying them and they’re pretty cool! They feel just like real nails and feel pretty sturdy. I think the glue used is industrial strength. Heh. I got these done for $50 at Bishan J8, at a little corner shop called Nails in Vogue, and they did a pretty good job.

The question is: Do I need to head back to the shop to get it removed? Can I do it on my own at home? Will I rip out my real nails? Having such long nails is getting irritating because I cannot type fast enough, I cannot send text messages properly, heck, I cannot even unbutton my trousers or put on my earrings properly lor!

But I did spend $50 on them so me thinks I should at least keep them for about a week. Boo.


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