Cooking up a storm

Yesterday evening, we were supposed to head back to the boy’s parents’ place for dinner but unfortunately, his parents and his younger bro are down with H1N1 so his mum warned us to stay away. Oh dear. I do hope they get well very soon…

The boy was craving for homecooked food and coincidentally, my mum asked if we’d like to head home for dinner this evening as she was going to cook. We don’t pass up on homecooked food so of course, we said yes.

Based on previous experience, we knew that she’s probably cooking up a storm. She doesn’t make dinner very often these days as she’s busy with her own business but when we head back for dinner, she goes all out!

True to form, she did not disappoint. Check out the spread!


There was chilli crab (she made everything from scratch, including the chilli!) with fried man tou, cereal prawns and crayfish (very very yum, especially with the cereal bits which I LURRRVE), grilled pork ribs, steamed fish, etc etc etc.

Naturally, we all overate. Burp.

Even though we just sat around the dinner table chatting about random bits and watched a spot of ‘Crime Watch’ together, it was very nice to just hang out.

Usually, we would try and head back to our parents’ for dinner at least once a week (at most, two). Even if my mum wasn’t cooking, we’d meet up for dinner at a nearby eating place. I think that’s one of the ‘changes’ that marriage brings. When we were single, we almost took for granted the meals we had at home. It is only when we move out and live on our own that we really FULLY appreciate all the wonderful meals that our mums whip up.



One thought on “Cooking up a storm

  1. Wow! The food looks yummy! Yes, i agree with we often take meals at home for granted when we were still single.. We will only start to appreciate a nice home cooked meal when we moved out. Aww, your post makes me miss my mummy’s cooking too. =p

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